11 Mar 2013

Hestia's Mothers' Day

So, Sunday was Mothers' Day here in the UK.  Mine fell into two parts - once as a daughter to Juno and as Domestic Goddess/Mother to Sonshine.

Since it is Monday, I thought I'd split the Mothers' Day report in half.  Hitting you with the loveliness that was my Mother's Day from Sonshine:

It's a rubbish photo, but it's a mug of tea with a shortbread finger and a note scribbled on a flap of biscuit-box cardboard.

It was snowing yesterday here, quite heavily.  He told me that he was going out to 'find his friends' which surprised me because of the weather, but I let him go anyway.  He was back 20 minutes later clutching a white carrier bag which contained a DVD - Argo.

It was thrust into my hand while I was on the phone to my friend as he rushed his small frozen fingers into the living room and the exquisite pain of cold fingers on a hot radiator.

So this was my Mothers' Day:

What's not to like? Lapsang Suchong and Ben Affleck :-)

Wait until you hear about The Other One though..... it went....less... well :-D

So - tell me all about YOUR day!


  1. Oh bless him! That's so sweet.

  2. that's adorable, ali. sure, there are moments where i get the whole "having children" thing and this is one of them.
    my whole (non mother's day - here in n. america it's in may) weekend was pounding away at the keyboard working on a project due tomorrow. mr. monkey braved the highways and came down to spend the weekend with me. contrary to my plans to get back home at least twice a month, it looks like i'll be here pounding away at the keyboard until easter. oh well... loving it, in some strange way.
    can't wait to hear about the not-so-good part of the mother's day tale!

  3. Aww, he's such a sweetie! :)

    I got a card sent home from school, officialy BB's work, and the best bit: a photo on the inside of him actually working on the card ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I got a bar of chocolate (very good chocolate - I primed them - DS even texted me from the shop to check which one I'd like *sigh*) and for which I had to (temporarily) lend DS his pocket money *sigh again* and a hastily knocked up card on a sheet of A4 and doodled on with biro *sigh hugely*
    I would have loved a homemade card...made with any of the mountain of lovely crafty stuff gathering dust in DD's room. I guess my children are not blessed with the ability to plan ahead to any degree whatsoever.


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