23 Oct 2011

Hestia's role....as domestic servant

Sonshine has been out playing on his riptsick with a friend.  Who's a girl.  Under strict instructions not to abandon her if any of his usual pals turn up.

I assume that she's gone for her lunch now too, because he has demanded something to eat.

Phone rang

A girlfriend, on for a chat.  We chat.  We talk about lots of inconsequential things.  For about 20 minutes.

I hang up the phone and realise that I can smell the sandwich-maker in the kitchen.

I go in and am greeted by this:

I'll just clarify the photo for you - it's the sandwich-maker (on and gently wafting smoke) a half-spread piece of bread (spread with mayonnaise.  using a fork).  A sad looking bit of gammon.

And a tiny note.

Here's the note:

Happy Sunday people :-)


  1. That boy's a card! I love how his mind works. What, pray, is a ripstick?

  2. what did you do? i'd have told him to get it himself, but then i suppose it's my complete lack of maternal instincts that has resulted in my own childlessness. still, though...

  3. I may have to try that out with Jon. He's such a cool kid. What is a ripstick? x

  4. Bless him, pray tell what a ripstick is?

    X x

  5. This boy will go far on his ripstick (if you don't strangle the poor wee soul first) I can see him making a very capable Lord of the Manor, or even (God forbid) a Conservative politician.

    PS, D'ye mind making one for me as well, I'm a bit peckish, the usual will do.

  6. A ripstick is like a skateboard, except that it's got two wheels only and is shaped like a tiny two headed paddle. One propels it forwards by wiggling one's right foot on the back paddle.

    Getting on and off is hellish difficult. Not that I've been sneakily having a bash on the driveway or anything when he's been at school.....

  7. If any of my girls ever left such a note I would rip it up in front of them and tell them to go away with an expression chosen from our rich Anglo-Saxon linguistic heritage. What an effing cheek!

  8. I feel your pain......my son leaves me notes too....and he's 21!!!!x

  9. I have to say, he's very cute with it. It made me laugh. But I have made it clear that he's got to do some more work around the house. Cue much sighing and eye-rolling.

    I think he's going to be the Prince of Cups - all talk about LURV but pretty pathetic when it comes to actually DOING things for you because he loves you.

  10. I came down heavy on legend Jr yesterday as his room was a complete disaster. He'd tipped a large packet of peanuts all over the floor, and emptied the contents of his drawers over the bed. I told him not to show his face out of the room until it was spotless. I left him there wailing. A few minutes later, he was crying to his Mom. "Daddy is making me tidy up my room and he wants it spotless. I don't know what spotless is".
    Those two boys would get on well.


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