24 Oct 2011

Hestia likes....fancy tea

My lovely friend was given a box of Japanese tea:

Here's a little box - one of 8 in the beautiful decorative main box

You take out the contents  - a prickly thing that resembles a tiny sleeping hedgehog, and put it in a tea glass and add recently boiled water.

And then you wait a few minutes and then.....

Culminating in THIS......
This is jasmine flowers in tea-needles and nasturtium blossom and it makes tea-drinking a beautiful thing to be savoured and enjoyed like a fine painting.


BUT - you can provide your builder with endless cups of the above.
He's not getting jasmine flowers!

Do you like to make something ordinary into something special?


  1. Ooh, pretty! Almost enough to make me want to drink tea :) Does it taste as good as it looks?

  2. It looks like some sort of alien life form. Do you drink it, or does it drink you?
    Have you persuaded Shonshine to partake of the delicate essence?

    You cannot beat the old method.
    Indian tea, twice as strong as is rational, served with condensed milk and sugar to taste.

    Not forgetting the Tea Biscuit or a McVities (non-chocolate)Digestive.

  3. I'm turning water into wine in the cellar at the moment.

  4. I have flowering tea quite often, but I lived with a Chinese girl when I was at uni, so my tea love is quite wide ranging.

    The thing is though, there a few things better than and Earl Grey or strong brewed Yorkshire tea.

  5. I love using a clear glass tea pot, especially when i can find the leaves and flowers from the Lime tree. Chamomile is another favorite.

  6. too too pretty........and has made want to go put the kettle on!!x

  7. Wow, that tea is amazing, like a pretty scene in an aquarium - do you dry it out and use it again or is it a one off thing? Must admit, really like the sound of Scottish B's tea with condensed milk though, very sustaining! I think I have an out of date tin of condensed milk, will try this on cold wintry day when in need of serious pick up. xx

  8. Yorkshire tea is amazing.

    I do love flowering tea from time to time though and have also been to a traditional tea ceremony (it made me cry, stupid tea and it's ability to make you feel things)


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