8 May 2011

Hestia is ......pleased

Happiness is:  A message pinging into your inbox that says: 'Justin Currie has sent you a message on Facebook'.  And Uber-happiness is to discover that the message is not 'Bugger off and leave me alone you mad stalkery woman.'

Not yet anyway.

I don't want you to think that he just decided to get in touch out of the blue.  I messaged him on FB to ask if he was going to be playing at The BIG F  (Bute International Guitar Festival) in September and he was simply being a gent and replying.  No.

Here he is anyway and this is why I think he MUST be part of this festival.

And yes, I'm watching JC's video wearing my love-struck face.....

I'm sure the police will be round with an injunction directly.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe JUstin Currie messaged you!

    Well, I can, he seems a nice man. We are big fans of Del Amitri in the Hughes house!


  2. does he still have those alarming sideburns?

  3. Very cool. Just very cool. Jealous.

  4. Siobhan - yes, it is very cool. Even when I get the injunction slapped on me, it will STILL be cool.

    Trashsparkle - yes he does. More importantly, he still has a voice that makes me go all squooshy inside.

    LM - does loads of solo gigs (does Del Amitri stuff with new band) - keep your eyes open and get yourself along to one. You will not be disappointed.

    Ali x

  5. Get you, friend of the famous! He has got a brilliant voice. xxx

  6. Very good Ali.

    Does Tartarus know that you've been sending messages to pretty/handsome men with James T. Kirk sideburns?

  7. Christina - love you back. Good luck with the austerity measures btw!

    TSB - yes he does. He doesn't know that I've had a reply though....and what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

    Vix - oh yes, I'm always rubbing shoulders with selebs. The island is AWASH with them lol!

    Ali x


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