4 Dec 2014

Hestia's...addiction (not Facebook)

When Winter is cold and fresh with pixar blue skies and frosty crunching underfoot, I do love it.  However, when it is dreich (dreary + grey + damp + cold) I start to feel miserable.

The sort of miserable that only a packet of Kitkats can soothe.

And it has been dreich for DAYS.

This is why I woke up this morning to find my tummy resting on the mattress next to me, like a newly-born puppy.

If it HAD been a newly-born puppy, I would have given it a cuddle or at least an affectionate pat and named it Archie.  But since it was my tummy, I gave it an irritated slap and threw myself onto my back to make it 'disappear'.

I ran my hand over my tummy.  Once upon a time I could do this and my palm slipped from one hip bone to the other, dipping slightly into a little valley that lay between my hips.  Concave it was.  Once.

When I did it this morning, my hip bones were still there, but some bastard had come along and built a wobbly hillock in my valley.  Convex it is. Now.

I am slowly killing myself with Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, I thought angrily.  This has got to stop.

So, for breakfast I had a bowl of porridge and allowed myself a virtuous smirk. Sure, there was about 20g of salt in it (come on, you've got to give the stuff SOME flavour)

BUT. Then I was dispatched to the supermarket.

Which was a mistake.

I came home with everything on my list...

...Plus a packet of Mars Bars cakes

....and two fresh cream and jam slices.

Eagerly I filled the kettle and made ready two mugs of instant coffee. Tartarus was out in the garage painting a bit of wood (I'll explain later) and said that he would be in shortly.

Reader, by the time he had come in for his coffee, I had eaten my fresh cream and jam slice.  And THREE shortbread fingers.

I am completely ashamed of myself.  Even Tartarus comments on the missing cake and shorty.  And you know how observant HE is.

I'm a sugar junkie

Any hints or tips to get myself clean?!


  1. I think about this from time to time and come to the following conclusion: "Fuck it! Life's too short to be miserable due to starvation" :D

  2. The Zorba diet is what I live by. Tormented by the thought of cherries? stand under a cherry tree and eat till all longings are sated. Currently still under the tree, so to speak. but my sweet tooth is being whittled away as I crunch!!

  3. The only thing I can suggest is doing a weekly shop and not buying anything else. And to ration any treats - buy treat size bars if you must buy chocolate.


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