23 Jun 2014

Hestia ..... is back!

Sorry for the long absence!

Nothing dreadful has happened, other than the fact that I've not had terribly much of interest to share!

The imac has been resurrected more times than Lazarus and the Geeks at the Genius bar managed to get my photographs of the holiday in Argyll off and safe.  Everything else got fried in the reloading of the software - which turns out to have been quite a lot really :-)

So here's a quick resume of what you've missed:

  • I met Paolo Nuttini.  Paisley-born rocker.  Cuter than a button.
  • I went to see Wicked in Glasgow.  It was wicked.  I have not an original thought in my head.
  • I have been looking after a baby blackbird who turns out to be the runtiest crow chick EVER.
  • I'm still 11 stone.
  • I went to see Justin Currie in Glasgow.  I luff him. 
  • I am going to a self-catering chalet 5 miles from Alton Towers.  Am dreading Roller Coaster Day.
  • Nero is going to kennels for the week.  I am also dreading this.
  • I have been buying some new paintings.
  • My mother is still sending me clothes 'that might fit me.'
  • I have developed a taste for cider.
  • This hot weather is too much for me.
  • Sonshine won a Bronze in a UK Maths Challenge thing.
  • I am addicted to the US version of the killing (am at Day 20) DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.
  • I have a jar of jam to offer as a blog prize.
  • Turns out my lucky pants aren't lucky.
  • Tartarus has seen the Scandinavian version of The Killing and made a blurt about the plot which resulted in MANY hours of shouting and door slamming and angry stabby motions into a poor defenseless loaf in the kitchen.
  • SOMEONE weed-killered my clematis.
And that's about it.  See? Nothing to report.

But I just want to thank you lovely, lovely people for your regular e-mails and little notes on my blog, asking where I was and if I was somehow locked into Downward Dog.  All I can say is, you should see my Reclining Pigeon.  You'd be itching for an air rifle to put me out of my misery.

So that's me back.  Normal service will be resumed just as soon as I can sneak on to the computer unnoticed by Tartarus.  So just pray for rain, ok?


  1. Seems like you've been having an interesting time :)

    1. I kinda lost my mojo down the back of the sofa for a bit. Found it, along with a £5.00 note :-D

  2. yay! you're back! i was here the other day thinking feedly had failed me but no, nothing, and now this!

    1. Watching The Killing is sucking up my time. Also, affecting my sense of humour :-D

  3. Giagantia relief you are not tied into a pretzel knot!!! And just so you know even describing for us how you had tea and toast for breakfast is wonderful and delightful and enjoyed...which perhaps says a bit too much about my own life's excitement levels. BUT is true. You make tea and toast in your house so very much more wonderful and interesting than in my house. Nero will do well in kennel....but may briefly express his displeasure upon his release. ENJOY your chalet!

    1. Merci buckets for your kind words! I'll suffer a lot more than Nero - he'll probably be fine and adapt quite well (after all, he's spent 5 years in kennels, plus another year with the rehoming people) I, on the other hand, will mope :-D

  4. Thank God for FB otherwise I may have had to come over and find you

    1. You're turning into a regular St Bernard with finding people! You alright?

  5. It's a crow ?? Wow. Also, I want the jam. Also, what paintings. Also, what color were your lucky pants - maybe you just need to renew them. Also, why didn't someone weedkiller Tartarus - Rewengee must be wreaked.

    1. I think he is the runtiest looking crow I've ever seen. He is the size of a blackbird. And the other crow babies are the size of crows. But he was so attentive to the crows around the garden - and the blue eyes, short tail feathers....yeah, he's a baby crow. At last, ONE SURVIVES MY MINISTERING ANGEL (OF DEATH) TECHNIQUES!!!!

  6. You have been up to quite a lot! Enjoy the time at the chalet.

  7. wow....back up can we just refer to point 1........Paolo Nuttini!!!!
    After a big heartbreak it was the Sunny Side album that got me dancing round the kitchen once more and am now singingalong to Caustic Love........I couldn't believe he wasn't some gnarly octaginarian American from the deep south but infact a Glaswegian boy!!! Tell us more..........like you, I too haven't written for ages in a not-much-to-say-way....x

  8. That doesn't sound like nothing going on! Glad to see you back :)


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