10 Aug 2012

Hestia and the weekly veg box - again

Those of you who have suffered read this blog for a while might remember my ongoing battle to use up everything in my weekly veg box delivery.

If you have blanked it out forgotten it, then you can catch up on it here.

for those of you who DO remember my journey into becoming a fly-breeder, hold on to the edges of your seat because I'VE SIGNED UP AGAIN!!!!

It was at the show.  I'd already had a small gin.  The food looked excellent.  What can I say? I signed up on the dotted line and I'm just back from picking up my box.

And here it is - £7.50 and it is CRAMMED with goodies!

Tadaaaah! The box!

The contents all spread out on the table

I've got:

2 small sweetheart cabbages
1 small round cabbage .....you don't need a crystal ball to know that there will be much wind over next few days
A bag of gorgeous purple potatoes
a Radiccio lettuce
an ordinary lettuce
spring onions
a Kohl Rabi?!
a bendy cucumber
a bunch of herbs
and probably some other things too.....

Cannot wait to inflict cook all this for Sonshine!!!

But tell me this - what can one do with a Kohl Rabi?!


  1. i peel it, slice it into sticks and eat it raw. just make sure to cut off the woody tougher end which you'll know by the stringiness of the peel.
    i buy it all the time and it is one of our favourite lunchbox veggies. you can dip it into stuff as you would carrot sticks but i find i like its sweet piquancy all by itself. i think i actually have a couple in my fridge crisper at this very moment.
    that all looks sooo toothsome!

  2. You can use it to make a kind of Slaw, especially with apple, or my favorite (and you can use any cabbage like greens or leaves, such as beet leaves or spinach) is to shred it and the leaves, onion, and carrot for color.....Add shredded chillies if you like it hot, add salt to bring out the moisture and then mix in chick pea flower (Besan) until you get it to a soft paste. You can add indian spices if you want to make it into more of a Baji. If it is too dry, add a little water but not too much, or they will fall apart. drop tablespoons full into hot batter and fry until golden brown, then serve with yoghurt and mint.

    1. do you mean the leaves of the kohlrabi itself? that sounds delicious! i bet it would be great with raita!

  3. Three different cabbages in one week, isn't that some form of torture? ;)

  4. "what can one do with a Kohl Rabi?"

    Ask it to read the Torah?

    I certainly wouldn't want to eat it.

    Please, please think of Sonshine. Deep fry it.

  5. Juice the lot of it! I lament the passing of my veg box (£4 and fabulous). :(

  6. TSB--brilliant :)

    What are "kerrits"?

  7. Yes, what *are* kerrits ? The maggots in the cabbages ??

  8. KERRITS!!!!!!! What Bugs Bunny Eats. Orange, grow in ground. Also known as carrots. But that's boring. It's Kerrits for me!

    Ali x

    1. Ali x, those poor people just don't understand the Scottish vernacular and accent. Educate them lassie. Y'ken?

  9. Kohl Rabi.....I like to say it loudly in the voice of Scar from The Lion King, try it...... I am reminded of trips to the green market in Union Square, NY, where I excitedly bought pounds of beets and greens for a fistful of dollars then spent the next week turning everything in my kitchenette purple and trying to force feed the son with zero success.....good luck!!x

  10. Mmmm, I love cabbage. No idea about Kohlrabi though - I always thought it was some sort of turnip


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