4 Apr 2015

Hestia says ....Happy Easter/Merry Christmas

Dear Reader - can you see what this is?

It is a box of Matchmakers.

Can you make out the label?

This was a gift for his Guidance Teachers.

For Christmas.

It is now April.

These have been rattled up and down to school every day for 3 months.

*can think of nothing sensible to say*

Happy Easter :-D


  1. Hmm, I think I'd just eat them myself at this point, if I wasn't off chocolate, that is :D

  2. no worries....the sell-by is probably 2017!!

  3. Oh, this made me laugh, thinking of the memory of my daughter's backpack! It was like a black hole that would suck down things that would never make an appearance again until the end of the year when it was thoroughly cleaned out. :D


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