31 Jan 2013

Hestia Returns...with a tale of fluff

Well, I'm back! *sets cases down in the hall and unbuttons coat*

It's been nearly a month and I *think* that I'm coping better with the Tarot Radio Show (well, I've gone from taking 18 hours to create a show of 60 minutes to five hours.  It's still 3 hours too long, but at least it's going in the right direction).

A brief post today though, just to let you know how things are in the land of the undomesticated housefrau:

Reader, do you know what that is?

Yes, these ARE my reading glasses (to give some sense of scale here).  Not my specs, the little grey fluffy thing.

This is, believe it or not, belly-button fluff.  Belly button fluff THAT HAS BEEN COLLECTED INTO A NEAT PILE.  Not by me, of course.  But by SOMEONE ELSE.  Someone who said that if he featured in this blog again, there would be TROUBLE.

We were talking about belly button fluff this morning and He Who Cannot Be Mentioned, happened to say that he had a stock pile of it on his bedside cabinet.  Whether this was a dig at my non-existent cleaning skills I don't know.  But I had to see it.

And there it was.

And, dear Reader, I STOLE IT!

What is wrong with men?!


  1. I am keeping it and calling it Engelbert.

  2. It must be to do with their hairy bellys, cos my Dear One gathers fluff in his belly button, too. Still, he doesn't then gather it together and leave it lying around! If someone doesn't want to be mentioned on your blog, someone shouldn't do blog-worthy things ;)

    1. My thoughts exactly Chloe! To be fair to him, he doesn't usually stockpile it. I rather think he was making a point about how frequently I hoover. Or, more accurately, how infrequently I hoover :-D

  3. At last, a friend for Kevin :-D

  4. Hmmm---that's a rather unpleasant degree of attention to pay to something which should only exist on the end of a cotton bud before being banished from sight.

  5. I'm becoming more and more convinced that he's got Asbergers syndrome. I used to think he was fairly 'high functioning' but when I find things like THIS, I wonder how long it will be before I come across a jam jar filled with every hair that has ever been removed from my hairbrush.....

    Ali x

  6. ADORE that you are back. Clearly while working someone has inadequate clothes cleaning facilities and has to wear linty clothes. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!


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