21 Mar 2020

Hestia Does Gardening

I am working on being socially distant and still functional - we're ok over here at the moment.  And I want us to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, being socially distant from my friends means being at socially close quarters with Tartarus for most of the day.  With predictable results.  I had to get outside.  Time to start looking at the garden .... I am ASHAMED.

At least I have the good grace to look and sound truly contrite.  Which is how I am every single year.  I always INTEND to start in February, but I never do.  I am a gardening slattern.

This is my magnolia called Star Wars.  It has tiny white flowers, rather that the Joan Collinsesque voluptuous purple ones that I adore.  This is the umpteenth magnolia that I have purchased.  

They always die.  

Which is code for 'I always manage to kill them.'  

But look - wee buds! Star Wars lives to fight another year!

The desiccated tomato plants removed and all pots watered and moved to the newly emptied bed until safe to put outside.

Yeah, that rose has got to be cut back to ground level.  I don't worry about buds.  Just hack it back. Life finds a way.

That might be a lettuce. Which is odd because I didn't plant lettuce.

This was my cucumbers and a wind chime.  The wind chime grew better than the cucumbers.  Number of cucumbers last year? NIL.

And thus endeth Day 1 of my Gardening Adventure.

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