24 Jan 2020

Hestia goes jogging. And so do you.

The other week, I started jogging again.  Something to do with the fact that my favourite trousers are so tight that I need to wear them with the buttons undone.  And the fly open.  And a very long sweater or tunic top.  Walking outside with these trews on with this deshabille arrangement is impossible.  The only solution is to shift some blubber.

I am trying to use my mobile phone for more things, so here is me going for a jog around the park when we were expecting Storm Brendan. Sure, it was weeks ago, but trying to get video from Google Photos is like trying to herd water.  Anyhoo - think I've managed it now.  So, here we go ...

Outside the front door.  The official term is 'bricking it'.

A few minutes later, I have jogged through the park and over the bridge at The Lade - which is this wee burn, above.

The Lade is safely jogged over and I am now heading towards the shinty club.  I am looking a total state and wheezing like a set of ancient bagpipes.

I have jogged up this tiny wee incline at the Shinty club.

This is me puffing and panting at the top of that wee incline. I then jog down towards the end of Lovers Walk and up half a dozen steps.  I feel like I could vomit my spleen out.

Back in the day, these 'cuts' like The Lade were all made to divert as much water as possible to Rothesay's mills. We had the weaving mill in Scotland.  If you count COMMERCIAL mills, I do believe that Bute was first.  Anyway, Bute had a great many.  Now there is one remaining - Bute Fabrics - and it's AWESOME. Come and visit it.  Look for their upholstery and soft furnishings fabrics wherever you are! 

This is the Kirk Dam - all the water is off to the right.  At the end is a little wooden bridge. Just on the left is where my most favourite tree in all the world was, before it got cut down last summer.  I never jogged past it or walked past it with Nero without giving the needles a squeeze and sniffing up the gorgeous lemon-scented balm.  It was cut down.  Roots damaging the dam or some such nonsense. 

At the other end of the dam is this little bridge. This is what you see from the that bridge.  This lets water from the dam overflow into the park, if things get too bad!!! 

Snowdrops in the churchyard at The High Kirk.

Brendan heralds his arrival .....

I go home - but only after I jog the whole thing again in reverse. I hope that you're bally-well impressed.

My favourite tree in all the world.  This tree is about 400 years old.  That's Outlander days for those of you in the know about such things.

** update ** so all this was the 7th of January.  It is now the 24th and my trousers still don't fit me.  

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