2 Jul 2010

Hestia is....not dead

Just a quickie to let you know that I have not died since my Columbo moment at the end of June - just bloody busy!

On Sunday I'm off to the mainland for FIVE whole days of tuition at The Glasgow School of Art - and I can't WAIT!

I've booked into some great self-catering accommodation in Glasgow called The White House for five nights, so I'll not be holed up in a tiny hotel room with only free-view telly or pay-per-view porn.  I'll have me laptop with me and I plan to bore you senseless with my Adventure in Glass.

I have been somewhat Hestia-like today - I made JAM!

The gooseberries were being decimated by thrushes and blackbirds, so I decided to get out there with a bowl and get some picked.  They're not ripe and hard like frozen peas - but they were MINE and the birds were having NO MORE.

So...I made gooseberry jam.  Correction, gooseberry and elderflower jam.  Impressed?

Sonshine made the labels for me - several pots are to give away to Juno and three friends (LM - will have some jam for you on Tuesday when we meet up!)

I've got some great book reviews (the books are great, I mean) to get up for you - will do that when I'm ensconced in my bijou studio flat in Clevedon Terrace.

Even more exciting for me than the Stained Glass workshop is the fact that I'll be making my way around Glasgow on public transport! Yes, I'll be a stalwart of the 66 bus as it trundles along Great Western Road.

The Art School phoned on Monday to confirm that the course is going ahead:

'Oh hi, this is Arabella here from the GSA?  You're slated for one of our Summer School course?'

I wasn't sure whether she was asking me or telling me.  She had that upswing at the end of the sentence? You know what I mean?

'I've got a list here of things that you should bring with you?  Old clothes? An apron?'

'.......and a big box of elastoplasts!' I quipped.

Silence.  The tumbleweed rolled past me into the humour desert.

'No, sorry, that's not on my list?' said the disembodied Arabella down the phone.

*sigh*  It could be a LONG 5 days.


  1. Hey Alison I hope you have a great few days despite Arabellas sense of humour by pass, maybe you caught her off guard or she could have had PMT!

    I have just looked at the hotel! How can you not have a good time?

    Love the sound of gooseberry and elderflower jam, Mmmm.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the big city.

  2. Alison it's a pleasure to stop by..

    I think ethnic head shops are the best bet for statement bangles, or perhaps an Asian area where they sell Saris etc. They are bound to sell numbers of thin silver bangles as well as thicker exotic looking one's, I am sure you will find some in Glasgow.

  3. Ali -

    Sending smiles for your journey into art! We want to hear all about it!


  4. Am very impressed with the Jam! and hope you have a wonderful 5 days. I just came to your blog and am following you now!

  5. Hurrah for jam! and for meeting up! I hate hen people do 'sentence that could be a question'.

    The White house flats are really nice!

  6. Dear Ali, it's all going a bit domestic goddess with the jam! V impressed!

    Have a wonderful time on your course. Hope they can keep up with your humour or you're in trouble. Hope to hear all about it when you're back xx

  7. The White House looks amazing, and the jam classes sound very domestic goddess.

    I hope you had a lovely time.


  8. Ooh yummy Jam! Have fun on your course.. and show 'em a thing or two as to how best to avoid tumbleweed moments! i.e. They should get a sense of humour! x

  9. that jam just sounds too good.....maybe a jar would sweeten up sour old Arabella


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